Small Projects

Medicare Connect UX Audit

The Medicare Connect home page set in a computer screen.

October 2022

Description: The marketing department requested guidance on rapid solution for driving more users to convert to our Medicare plan partners HealthShare360 during the annual open enrollment period (10/14-12/07). I conducted a UX audit and made recommendations for improving conversion.

Impact: The results show a 6% average increase in conversion each week after the recommendations were implemented.

Mobile App Section

The mobile app feature section added to the home page.

July 2022

Description: The development team relaunched the mobile application and requested to add a section to the website to feature the new application and its benefits to patients. The section demonstrates the new functionality of the app and includes user reviews.

Impact: The new section drive an increase in application downloads by 12% for Android users and 7% for iOs users.

New Patient Section

the home page of the Millennium Physician Group website with the new New Patient section.

June 2022

Description: The organization was looking to try and manage some of the call volume in the patient connection center and into the offices, so I recommended adding a featured section to the home page of the website specifically for users interested in becoming patients so that they could schedule an appointment with doctors accepting new patients and with availability to be seen in the next two weeks.

Impact: Now the third highest visited page on the website, new patient visits are up an average of 30% across offices.

Find a Doctor Search Updates

The old Find a Doctor landing page set in a computer screen.

April 2022

Description: Observation of users showed that the search function for the Find a Doctor was creating a lot of issues for users, often leading to them getting frustrated and abandoning trying to find a doctor, I suggested bypassing the landing page with just the search inputs so if their search queries find "no results" they can immediately go back to their prior search and find an alternative.

Impact: The bounce rate for the Find a Doctor page dropped from about 80% to an average of 45%.